Post ini salinan curahan hati kurang lebih pas mau masuk kuliah. Meskipun isinya biasaa aja, saya tetap bangga bisa nulis make bahasa Inggris pada saat itu. Jangan nyinyir..kan belajar :v

I have been learning so many things since I sat in my freak senior high school. Some weather friends I've ever met, always bother me just for nothing. I just can't imagine what I would be someday. a teacher? a lecture? translator?

I spent a lotta time just for having pointless things. I never think how I am gonna be. The time just goes by.

Rightly so, I just promise to myself. Time is just the only chance I have. I'll use it wisely. I won't bother myself with laziness. I will spend my time wisely and keep remembering that I'm created as a useful human. (wtf).

Sacrifice everything you have, Ajeng. Bother yourself with spirit, burn your soul to create a bright future. It depends on you, now.

Life is a choice. The harder you try, the bigger chance you will have to create successful life.

Mami, Dadi..
I promise, I'll make you proud of me.