Well, I'm not a fan of short hair, at all. However, lately I saw many women have a short haircut, without any layer, and it looks so simple. I was thinking to cut my hair at that length for months, but I didn't do it because I had a short haircut before (when I was about 12 years old), and I thought it's not looking good on me. Since that, I always have a long hair, and never think to make it short.

Before I went to summer holiday, I was planning to do a little "make over" to my hair, with a little bit hair cut and give them a bright color. However, the usual hair stylist who always cut my hair didn't come that day, and I met a new hair stylist (Yongki at Irwan Team Summarecon Mall Serpong). At that time, he gave me recommendation to make my hair short. He told me a short hair style is looking good on me, and it's making me looks fresh and younger. To be honest, he's the first hair stylist who said that. Before that, every hair stylist that I met always told me to keep my hair long. Suddenly I started to think about make it short, and yesss. It happened!!!

Top and skirt : Top Shop, Shoes : Wego Japan

2 days after get a hair cut, I went to hair salon (again) to color my hair. This time I went to Habb Hair Gallery, because they have more options for hair color. At the first time, I only want to have a single bright color. But the hair stylist said that my hair was too dark, and if I want to have a bright color I need to bleach it. Actually, I never thought to bleach my hair again. I remember exactly how my hair got damage after the last time they got bleached to make it ombre. However he said that he only bleach some part of my hair (not all of them), only a highlight to give a bright effect. By doing that, it will reduce the risk of damage to my hair causes by bleaching.

Turtle necklace by Miniso
At the end, here's the final look of my new hair style. Short, with little bit grey highlight on it. And to make this hairstyle looks better, I always curly my hair with GlamPalm Clipless Curling Iron Medium – GP 606 AM (25 mm). It's very easy to use, and I can make this natural - curly hair only in 10 minutes. I love it a lot, and I'm sure you'll do. In addition to the convenience provided by the curling iron, the other reasons that make me love it is because the results obtained curls can last longer, up to two days without hair spray. This curling iron is totally amazing and very recommended. Anyway, should I make a short video about this hair tutorial??

Glam Palm Clipless Curling Iron